Big data, gray matter

Branding, Service Design

The ICT industry consume more energy than the Aviation Industry.


  • Co designers: Maren Skyrudsmoen and Bjarte Misund
  • Supervisors:¬†Birger Svevalson, Manuela Aguirre, Linda Blaasv√¶r
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Completed: December 2014

The Norwegian Ministry of Technology from Theodor Henriksen on Vimeo.


This is a project we did in System Oriented Design, a master course at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The course is based on designing with a systemic mindset, looking for impacts, and how to change or challenge them.

We started out by looking into Big data as a topic. We soon realized we did not know too much about how the internet works. So the whole thing shifted, and turned into a journey into the tubes of the internet. We started mapping out how digital services, such as Netflix, work. It did not take long until we saw the enormous amounts of energy needed to fuel this industry. We tried to explore how the State address these emerging industry, and the infrastructure that follows. Sadly we found, that they do not address this. It is regarded as such a new service offer, so that it it not important enough. At least not yet.

We tried to get in touch with ministries, political parties, politicians, officials and organizations, with little luck. So we decided to create our own ministry; The Norwegian Ministry of Technology. With a full set of principles, job listings, a twitter account, and Instagram account, a wikipedia page and so on.

Our campaign sets out to provoke reactions and to start a discussion and raise awareness on this issue.