Designing a Resemblance

Branding, Product Design

Designing an object that was in close resemblance of The Norwegian Operahouse

  • Co-designers: Syver Lauritzsen, Erlend Storsul Opdahl and Elisabeth Tungland
  • Tutors: Steinar Killi and Markus Høy Pedersen.
  • Duration: May 2012 – June 2012.

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet was designed in 2000, by Snøhetta. It was finished in 2008, and opened its doors to the audience. The Operahouse’s facade is made in white, italian marble and granite, to resemble an iceberg rising from the sea.

The model is printed in nylon, with a SLS printer.

In this project we had no official cooperation witht he Operahouse. We needed to find a clear inspiration to do our design. We were to make transportable lights, and we decided to create table buzzers for the Operahouses lunch café. The straight lines, and the evolvement in the shape was created in a long sketching process.


The light can also be considered just as a souvenir. We did put a lot of focus into make the light resemble the Operahouse, without it being too kitch. We wanted to make subtle hints of the Operahouse in the light, and make it a conversation piece.

For its initial use, a table buzzer, was to light up, and play a litte tune when your meal was ready. The lunchcafe today does not offer a menue of warm dishes, they offer ready-to-go sandwiches and diced fruits. We loosely came up with the concept of having a bit higher standard in the meals, yet not have to hire highscale waiters for lunch, aswel as dinner. That be said, the focus in this assignment is the object it self.