Redesigning an identity

Branding, Product Design

Expressing brand identity

  • A project arranged by The Carlsberg Group, Ringes and Solo.
  • Co-designersRibekka Beitveit, Ask Helseth, and Edvin Klasson
  • Turors: Steinar Killi and Markus Høy Pedersen
  • Duration: March 2012 – May 2012.

Solo is a soft drink produced by Ringes AS, a part of The Carlsberg Group. Solo is one of Norway’s most recognized and strongest brands.

Solo was established in 1934, by Torleif Gulliksrud. It is a soft drink with a taste of orange. Solo is imprinted in all norwegians minds, and is one of the thing norwegians will describe as the most norwegian, next to goat/brown cheese, skiing and fjords. Solo is always in the backpack of most norwegians during easter outings, along with Kvikk Lunsj and oranges.

To meet the expectations customers have towards Solo, we decided to make the product speak for it self. The long bottle neck shows of the bright yellow color, wich is a signature of the soda. We also moved the label way down on the bottle to underline the sodas strong color. The red label have a signature in it self, and many people have a nostalgic relation towards Solo, so we decided to create a retro label.