The online portfolio of designer Theodor Henriksen.


Selected projects

Where does the internet come from? How can you design digital behavior? Underneath is a selection of featured work Theodor did during his studies at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Theodor Henriksen currently work at Sopra Steria Scandinavia. To find out more about previous experience and a full curriculum vitae, please follow the link below

About Theodor Henriksen

  • Theodor is willing to learn, and a hard working, creative professional. He is also reflected and mature, which to a high degree influence and enhances his work.

    Theodor is a great contribution to any group with his positive attitude and warm appearance.

    Veronica Reff
  • Theodor is a highly professional and conscious employee, with a remarkable eye for details.

    Lotta Ramstad
  • Theodor is proactive and takes responsibility. He has done a great job and were able to understand and communicate various issues in a short amount of time. Theodor is highly competent and have exceeded our expectations.

    Eli Toftøy-Andersen
  • Theodor is a skilled and sincere employee that performs his tasks thoroughly and efficient with great spirit. He is ambitious, committed, and an incredible sales representative. His kind appearance and lively mood makes his a valuable employee that is highly appreciated from both management and colleagues.

    Maria Andersson